Hamodia UK (February 2019)

Hamodia UK (February 2019)

Darkei Avos Launched

An exciting new project for girls has just been launched.  The aim of Darkei Avos, under the rabbinical direction of Rav S.Y. Bixenspanner Shlita, is to give girls an opportunity to benefit from the age-old wisdom of Chazal, to improve themselves and to benefit the world around them.  Although the scheme has only been in action for a week, it is estimated that about 300 girls have already signed up and have begun the programme, representing the learning of nearly 5,000 mishnayos from Pirkei Avos. The project was started amid much excitement involving girls from Years 7 and 8 in three NW London schools, Beis Yaakov, Menorah High School, and Tiferes. Each member receives a Welcome Pack that includes introductory material to learn the first Perek of Pirkei Avos.

The Darkei Avos programme is set to run for two months each year.  During this short time, girls will be able to master one Perek of Pirkei Avos.  This cumulative course will ensure that by the time a girl finishes High School she can be fluent in the whole of Pirkei Avos.  The exciting fun-packed programme will reach a climax at the annual Avosathon, an exclusive evening where all the girls will be able to meet together to celebrate their achievements.  Besides fabulous entertainment there will be an Awards Ceremony for the individuals and schools who have accomplished the most.

Darkei Avos has three aims.  Firstly, it will encourage girls to learn Pirkei Avos ba’al peh.  Secondly, each girl will get an opportunity to understand the deeper messages that Pirkei Avos is telling us.  Lastly, the participants are encouraged to get sponsorships from family and friends for their learning, and through this raise funds for their own school and for hachnasas kalah.  One of the lessons Pirkei Avos imparts is that Torah study alone does not suffice but must lead to the actual performance of Mitzvos. By raising funds for their own school as well as for Hachnosas Kallah the girls will have will have put this message into practice.

Project Darkei Avos is the brainchild of Mrs Esther Reich a resident of North-west London.  Mrs Reich grew up and was educated in Switzerland, where she was awarded first prize for a Pirkei Avos school competition. The knowledge and enjoyment that she gained from participating in the contest were constantly on her mind as she grew older.  She was determined to find a way to help other people to be inspired and benefit in the same way.

Two years ago, Mrs Reich started to work on the project together with Mrs Baila Ellinson, a successful creative writer and concept developer who has already been involved in numerous projects and productions. Much dedicated thought and effort has been invested into every single facet of the scheme.  As they explained, “Our programme is designed to resonate with the girls of today; interactive learning guides, incentives and prizes all fuel the fire of learning!”

Using a diverse mix of multi-media resources, the programme is geared to the preferred method of learning of each individual girl.  The resources available include audio CDs to help the girls master Pirkei Avos Ba’al Peh, fun charts and magnetic markers to keep the girls on track, individual videos highlighting a message in each Mishna and various other incentives to encourage the girls’ participation.

Darkei Avos has already fired the imagination of parents and students alike.  As Dayan Chanoch Ehrentreu writes in his approbation, “I have been impressed both with the innovation and professionalism of Darkei Avos and I have no doubt that the programme that this organisation has created will be adopted in time both nationally and internationally.”
When she joins Darkei Avos, each girl feels that she has become part of a world-wide movement that will not only benefit herself but also bring brachah to the whole of Klal Yisroel!

To sponsor a girl’s learning or to be part of the journey, go to www.avosathon.org